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Third Task: Reflection& Improvement

The assessment in leadership style, traits, skills and characteristics has identified some important cognitive and behavioral complexity. The behavioral complexity identified is due to completing the roles required for leaders in the theories. However, there is possibility that values of leader does not match with the values required to accomplish he tasks and in such situation leader cannot just think of a bigger picture. Moreover, the leadership capacity required for a leader to perform is not available in every situation and there is little margin for leader to perform considering all the traits and characteristics for leadership. Get  argumentative assignment

The assessment helped to understand the theoretical concepts of leadership  for its importance and implication in practice. In addition, it is found that leaders have to have situational behavioral approach which is very important to lead successfully. Through the assessment it is found that why situational approach is important for leader and how it can be approached. However, there is contradiction about theory of Charisma and findings of the assessment because according to theory leader should have a distinct relationship with his or her followers while assessment suggests that leader should have strong and effective relationship with the followers.   


This research has helped me to understand the importance of certain attributes required for a leader to be effective. Communication has been found very essential for leaders with group members to communicate the vision and mission of team. However, it is not always possible that leader meets all the necessary attributes about his personality but he should be particular about his or her subordinate. Without the cooperation and understanding with the team members, leader cannot lead a successful team.  This assessment can further help me to become effective leader as I have learnt that for effective leader it is satisfaction that is required the most and this satisfaction can be earned by appreciating and rewarding group members, watching them move to success, sharing success and failures both by bearing responsibilities. Rewarding and appreciation is one of the most important things to do for leader but at the same time leader should also be able to hold people responsible for their mistakes.

This assessment can be helpful to improve my personal leadership skills as a result of getting better understanding of practice. I understood that as a leader I have to be responsible for the brutal realities about achieving the goals and facing the problems including making difficult decisions. Being a leader it is important not to be commanding but in a leading position like if a group member makes a mistake or unable to accomplish his task on time he must not be punished. Rather he should be encouraged for doing work at which he is best or think over alternative solution. However, being responsible of accomplishing a goal can sometimes make a person to become impulsive therefore self control should be part of personal attributes that leads to do what is required. Group integrity is what one of the secrets of a team and retaining integration among team members is the important tasks of leader.  

Review posted and now it's pending for approval!Review posted and now it's pending for approval!

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