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Second Task: Interview

The observation conducted to find the leadership style, tactics and leadership behavior of Ms. Leong was not sufficient to understand her effective and successful leadership style. Therefore, an interview is conducted with aim to find her leadership styles , behaviors, traits and power and influence tactics. The information gathered from the interview will further help to confirm the findings of observation what I perceived earlier. 
The questions asked to find the leadership style, traits, and leadership  value that she possesses. She was also asked for her ideas about characteristics required for a leader and the qualities that a leader should possess to make a successful leader. It is also very important to know what a successful leader perceives about style, skills, traits and value of leader generally as this could be helpful to know how a leader applies his or her perception about leadership into practice. Moreover, she is also asked about her personal experience for a successful leader including what a leader requires to do to be a successful leader and what does not. Buy writing paper for your best academic results.

Leadership Style 

In the reply of question about describing her leadership skills, traits and value she described herself as leadership style as Laissez Faire Leadership Style and a mix of Participative& Delegative Leadership Style. However, during observation she was observed taking feedback from group and team members and it was also observed that she makes her say in the end to finalize the decision. As far as Laissez Faire Leadership Style is concerned in the climate of Laissez Faire Leadership leader provides team members with opportunity to decide while leader does not participate. Whereas Ms. Leong was observed to take opinion from group members and uses her power once she has everyone’s opinions. She was observed to prefer to take input from others and it was confirmed in her interview answer as she likes taking others opinion for making decision or solving problems at workplace environment.

Leadership Traits 

During observation she was observed to be good observant and observe the employees, their working attitudes and working behavior which shows their dedication with their work. This means that she prefers to drive people by understanding what they are actually. The most important attribute she mentioned in the interview is her supportive and adjustment style of leadership as she does not punish the employees for if they are not able to accomplish particular tasks. As she was observed to be supportive, she provides guidance and builds good relationship with her team members. She also believes that a leader must be a mentor and always available for the team as leader has to lead group of people and it is not possible to lead people unless there is understanding and good relationship leader and team members. She described her personal leadership traits as observant, approachable and strict, straightforward and honest. However, not all mentioned traits were identified during observation such as honesty and strictness.

Leadership Characteristics 

Bethel (2009) has identified characteristics that a leader must possess. According to him, a leader is required to have self-esteem, goal orientated, achievement oriented, and opportunity seeker. According to Ms. Leong, for a leader it is important to have right knowledge, experience to handle people, combination of alertness and sharp instincts for the surroundings. Moreover, she also favors that leader must be aware of people he or she is working with. Since a leader is supposed to be enthusiastic about his goal and objective he must also realize that people who he is working with is the most important to accomplish the tasks, therefore for a successful leader the most significant trait is to know his team member. In her reply to the question about characteristics for leadership she further added that leader is supposed to be good observer and should be with attributes to set example for others. 

Qualities of Good Leadership 

It is always very essential for leader to inspire group members so that they participate in group work with leader to achieve the goals (Buckman, 2005). According to Ms. Leong successful leader requires being a guide and able to motivate group members towards achieving the mutual goals and it is not possible unless leader has ability to build strong relationship with the team members through mentoring and understanding. 

Important Leadership Style, Skills, Traits and Value 

According to Ms. Leong among motioned leadership style, traits and skills the most important is to know group members who you are working with. She further emphasized on individual difference as an important contributor and without understanding individual needs including strengths and weaknesses of members, leader cannot be successful. Thus, in order to achieve goals leader must motivate team members by understanding their needs.


What does it takes for a Leader to Lead Successfully?

To lead successfully, individual must have patience to overlook small issues and rather focus on the big. That does not mean that leader should not care for small issues but he should more concentrate on the achievement of goals. Therefore, person can lead as successful leader with creativity, organization and foresightedness. 

What Should a Leader not to do?

There are certain things that a leader must avoid to lead successfully such as criticizing team members in front of everyone, biased opinion, favoritism, rude, lazy or dishonest, or making emotional or harsh decision. 

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