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Exclusive Writer UK strongly recommends the users to skim through the rules and regulations mentioned in the Terms of Use thoroughly before placing any content writing order. We strictly adhere to the company’s policy and advise our users to abide by the rules to eliminate any sort of conflicts regarding hiring our writers and ordering paper. The Terms of Services are subject to change from order to order. The company reserves the right to refuse to entertain any user who fails to accustom to the aforementioned conditions. To aid the users understand the fundamentals of the procedure, the details are provided clearly in depth as follows:

Type of Products and Services

This is an educational forum provided by the Exclusive Writer UK to the students, researchers, professionals and website owners from versatile backgrounds to acquire help in order to meet their academic writing demands. We have a team of experts, who have the potential to accomplish the users’ complicated writing goals assigned to them by their institutions. Our list of services includes conducting in depth researches, effective writing, and quality editing with spot on drafting of the document. We assure that attention is laid in determining the correct formatting, proofreading and plagiarism free paper. The aim is to achieve the expected result as identified by the student at the time of placement of order. The company shall not be responsible about any consequences sought by the individual’s institution. Hence, no legal claims can be administered upon the company or the writer assigned to complete the task. We feel our responsibility to provide ease to the user in terms of providing assistance with the content of the paper only.

Terms and Conditions

To acclaim the services from our company, the student should not be less than 18 years of age, on the date of registration. You are expected to comply with all the legal bindings suggested by the company, as you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions. We suggest the client to retain honesty when filling the Registration form and provide accurate personal information. If false details are detected, the company reserves the right to terminate your order as soon as you are suspected guilty without any prior notice.

Confirmatory Affidavit

The company holds the right to conduct a verification process of the payment by any means. You may be asked to submit additional documents, suggesting the inclusion of your consent to make the required payment, in return of our favour of completing your assigned task of writing content. The client may be subjected to the verification process any time upon the indication of any suspicious conduct from their respective accounts. Therefore, the verification process is not limited to the first time only and could be carried in aforementioned circumstances. Failure of verification of payment will lead to the cancellation or delay in the delivery of the order, for which the company shall not be held liable at any costs.

Placing/Termination of an Order

Log on to our website and get registered to avail our services. The user is required to make an account to contact with us via valid email ID. This is to ensure that we can associate with you, as we please to inquire about any query in the given time. As per our experience, the writer requires the client’s confirmation at many occasions to ensure the implementation of the accurate instructions. In case of provision of the invalid email ID, Exclusive Writer UK shall not be held responsible for any delay caused in the completion and delivery of the paper. Any additional set of instructions could be provided within 24 to 48 hours after placing an order only as no changes will be made if the writer has started writing the paper. Be informed that any urgent order made during weekends on short deadline will not be delivered in the weekend. Client/student agrees to receive the urgent order in weekdays. However, if he/she cannot wait until weekdays, you can withdraw and cancel the order. The writer is free to use any source of reference if not specified by the client at the time of order and cannot be held responsible later. Once we have completed the assigned task and dispatched it, no suggestions provided by the client shall be entertained.

Payment Criteria

To commence the paper, payment shall be made to the company with the placement of the order. Failure of which will lead to the disqualification of the requested task until the payment is made.

Implications of Wrong Instructions

If wrong instructions are provided by the client, the company shall not hold any responsibility for any blunders. However, if compensation is made in terms of payment of the additional amount, then the extra instructions received shall be considered.

Requirements– Different Quality of Paper

The user can avail a variety of paper standards from Exclusive Writer UK, all differing in quality. The execution of the tasks entirely depends upon the quality of standard chosen by the client at the time of order. According to which it is delegated to one of our writers, possessing the skill and expertise to meet the specific requirement. The client is bound to mention if he/she wishes any certain criteria to be adopted by the writer. If you fail to approve the quality of work provided, the company shall not be responsible.

Order Delivery on Deadline

The company ensures that every order is delivered through an email on the deadline issued by the client in the order form. However, if the client fails to meet the correspondence with the writer earlier or has provided insufficient personal details, the order may be dispatched late due to the inconvenienced caused to the writer in completing the task on time. Furthermore, the fulfilment of additional new requirements of the student requires extra time exceeding the time mentioned on the panel.

Revision Criteria

The student is expected to review the document within one or two days upon receiving it from the company. If the paper lacks any details with respect to the initial requirements identified by the user, the writer will be responsible to review and revise the paper free of cost. However, if the client requests encompass a new set of instructions in the review, it shall be treated as a new order.

Refund and Chargeback Policy

The refund policy of Exclusive Writer UK emphasizes the settlement to be made as per the set rules of the company. Students are strongly advised to reach for a settlement or claim upon refund via email, Live Chat, phone or by dealing with the discussion board. We demand concrete reasoning and proofs, if the student claims for refund upon disliking the paper quality. The enlisted proofs will be evaluated and examined to analyze the validity of the claim prior to refunding. However, if the refund is claimed upon missing the deadline, only the deadline difference amount shall be refunded, as the complete paper shall be provided to them as their intellectual property along with the deadline difference amount. In the case of complete refund, as claimed by the student, they shall have no right on the paper and the company reserves the right to re-use, resell or publish the paper for the sake of marketing. If the client files the chargeback without corresponding with the company, he/she shall be permanently blocked and all his/her previous papers will be resold or published on the internet.

Termination of an Order

Upon failing to comply with the requirements of order form, the order shall be terminated. If the user demands paperwork exceeding the paper limit provided in the order or asks to use particular software without ordering it, all such acts will lead to cancellation of the order.

Quality of Paper and Grade Recommendation

The Exclusive Writer UK assures quality paperwork with 100% effort of the writer to meet the client’s demands but does not take the responsibility to guarantee any grade. If your professor fails you for any reason not mentioned in the order, we shall not be responsible. It is advised to thoroughly study the paper and make any changes as you please.

Buy the Paper Rights

The company holds the right to sell the paper to anyone as it is our writer’s intellectual property. However, once the payment is made by the student to acquire this paper, we are pleased to transfer the intellectual property rights to them.

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