Privacy Policy of Exclusive Writer UK

We believe it to be our moral duty to aware you with the specifics of practicing Privacy Policy. The set of Terms and Conditions imposed requires the collection of the personal data to ascertain acquiring of our services. The details are discussed in the following document to justify the reason behind accumulating these details prior of proceeding to accept any order by the most valuable client. To find what details are obtained and how they are beneficial, read this Privacy Policy thoroughly for complete information and understanding before placing your order.

Collection of Personal Data

Data collected is categorized into non-identifiable and identifiable information of the client. The former includes personal details which encompasses IP address, the browser, operating system, and search engine along with the visit time of the website. The later entails the process as the user signs up to fill the form to place a writing order. It includes providing information such as first and last name, email ID, country, phone number and the order details. Credit Card or PayPal data is not collected when you choose either of the payment modes. You are redirected to reliable payment gateways rented from the third party at the time of checkout. However, the Excusive Writer is not responsible or takes any guarantee of the services of data collection provided by the third party.

Accept Cookies for Service

Exclusive Writer UK sets up a cookie– a small file in your system when you visit the website. Through which we collect data to improve your experience that includes visiting history and analysing your browsing patterns. So you have to accept the cookies to be able to visit our website for enhanced web user experience.

Sound Data Security

To build strong customer relationship we have laid utmost emphasis on maintaining the privacy of the user’s personal data through a secure system. Exclusive Writer UK utilizes SSL which is a standard security software technology, chiefly used to ascertain encrypted link between the browser and the server. Hence, when you are online shopping at our website your personal data is kept confidential and private by such reliable technologies. We make sure that no other personal information of yours is ever accessed, utilised, exposed to, or publicised by unauthorised individuals. However, at all places where a third party is concerned, they are responsible for the guarantees and assurances of the security of data being the leading service providers. If in case, your information is accessed for any other purpose that is not mentioned here, we will seek your permission first.

Data Utilisation & Disclosure Policy

We strictly adhere to the non-disclosure policy and shall never leak the user’s personal information no matter what the case may be. However, the personal and non-personal data is collected to ensure the provision of satisfactory website experience of the user. The client’s username and email ID among the personal information is acquired for the identification, where the latter is also used for the marketing and promotion purposes that can be sent via the affiliated or partner companies or by us. The contact number is used for maintaining the correspondence with the user for overall service. The information is never sold, leaked, or publicised anywhere to keep the trust of our customers intact.

Verification via Collected Data

To ensure the authenticity and validity of the transaction receipt, each user is assigned with a specific code for correspondence. This is to eradicate any chances of fraudulent or bogus claims that create any complications during the period of the writing process. Always be alert because Exclusive Writer UK never demands to inquire about the Password or the Credit Card details of the user. We are in the business to honestly entertain our clients with fair dealing at all cost. The users are bound to use the code provided by the Exclusive Writer UK to get access to the private information. You are advised to never disclose your code to anyone as it is private. To communicate with us you provide your specific code (as the code differs for every order), it is saved by the system which marks your status as green and ready to go!

Data Protection – Right & Choice

We allow you to set your privacy according to your desires. It is your right to decide whether you would like to store the cookies in your system or not. You are free to share as much information with Exclusive Writer UK as you are comfortable in as we respect your right to decide what to reveal and what not to. We never push our clients to share complete information if they do not please to and therefore, space is given according to your choice.

Data Collection Policy– Children

We entertain adults and reserve our services for individuals of the age 18 or above. The under-aged children are advised to bring a consent or permission in black and white from the guardian to avail the writing services. If they undergo the aforementioned process, then they shall be subjected to the same data collection policy as that of the adults.

Changes in Policy

The Exclusive Writer UK reserves the right to update or make amendments in the Privacy Policy document. The clients are encouraged to keep visiting the website to remain updated with any sort of changes in the policy. This will aid in avoiding any misunderstanding regarding data collection or data disclosure.

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