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‘PES Analysis of CEME’


Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME) is the center of education and business serving at the heart of a new technology revolution while providing skills, creating employment and business to vitalize the business growth in the country (CEME, 2012). Considering the importance of CEME organization, this paper analyzes the external factors that are political, economic and social aspects affecting this organization.

PES Analysis

Political Analysis

CEME that is combination of public and private sector has been founded in the result of intense need and demand observed by the government bureaucracy as well as the political expediency after the growing advancement in the information technology and its immense role in the business (Time, 2011). CEME, therefore, has to undergo different reforms due to political dilemma, as UK government has been introducing many instances reforms and schemes that are mostly found falling short of implementation duration and budget overcast (Centre of Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME), 2011). In terms of launching new IT reforms, the British government has been found with huge overcastting of budget to implement the reform and this incompetency of government has significantly negative impact on the CEME. write my essay for me.

Since CEME is a not-for-profit organization, it is always in need of funding from the government and local authority (Centre of Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME), 2011). In this respect, CEME has the support from the British government in the form of funding and other support taken for the research and development for number of business initiatives. The education and skill training center that aim to link the education with the real world business also require the collaboration of the government, which is possible through the support for government’s program for network and facilities for innovation and research and development. It is also observed that CEME supports the government reforms through its mission and vision, which is furnished through serving as bridge for the education and business together. Thus, the formation and functioning of the center has greater influence of the political activities due to involvement of government in the organizational activity. Incompetency of government to manage the funding programs affects the operation and functioning of the organization.

Economic Analysis

The recent economy of the UK has been through a series of variations related to general bangs and slouches in the local economic activity (UK Economic Conditions, 2010). In this bang, almost all businesses have found benefits for them while the slouch has caused most of them to lose out. The recent downturn in the economic condition of the UK has negatively affected the business innovation and research and development activities, which shows the intense effect of the nationwide economy on the CEME. On the other hand, the high level of unemployment in the country stimulated by the recession persuades number of individuals to learn the skills and education that can relate them with the real life business world. In this way, CEME has observed positive change in society where local authorities and government are ready to work with CEME. The business innovation center of CEME has been playing significantly important role in creating the jobs and businesses in the recession and economic downturn (CEME, 2012). This economic downturn affected the CEME by motivating number of individuals to promote creativity in the business that helps the business and local economy.

As it has been identified that CEME is a not-for-profit organization, and it depends on the government funds and support from local authority for its operational activity, therefore, there has been substantial effect of economic downturn on the ventures and activities of the organization. However, the recession and low economic growth can be convincing individuals to focus on the business initiatives of the country. The government, in the recession, can consider the funding on innovative business and research and development as extra burden on the economy.

Social Analysis 

Any change in the society related to individuals’ attitude, behavior and trend can have effects on the functioning of the CEME. Since the main objective of CEME is based on the career and business development (Stewart, 2011), therefore, the change in the career attitudes of local people will influence the CEME. It has been observed that with the change in the attitude of local people related to environment protection and safety, the CEME with the collaboration of Ford Motor Company and London Development Agency began to provide green technology retrofitting courses, which is deemed as part of the support for the Green Enterprise District project (Green Enterprise District, 2012). Moreover, increased trend has been observed in relation to small business management, which has affected the CEME to come up with its focus on the small and medium size business.


The CEME with its unique idea to promote and support education, skills and business has been serving the country successfully with the help of government and local community. In this context, there is immense of political, economic and social change occurring in the external world of the organization. This paper has focused on dependency of the CEME on the government while highlighting the incompetency of government to meet the requirement of society for the development of IT business. Economically, there are two major influences observed including focus of the government and local people on the development of IT business and economic burden imposed by the funding for innovation and research and development programs.

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