Frequently Asked Questions

If you are perplexed and unable to understand any instruction, this document contains all types of answers to help you sort any kind of queries. We figured out what are the most common questions that students tend to ask and therefore, compiled them as frequently asked questions to answer each of them to make the process easier.

The following description includes details about:

  • Services
  • Order
  • Procedure
  • Payment Methods
  • Reviews
  • Refund
  • Delivery
  • Guarantees


1. What is the location of the company? Are you registered? How can we contact you?

The company– Exclusive Writer UK is an online service provider and hence it is not registered. You can contact us via email, phone or live chat. All the details are provided on the website and there is no physical office of the company where you can walk in and visit.


2. Enlist your various services. How do you provide the service?

Exclusive Writer UK proffers variety of services and prominently includes:

  • Researching
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Re-Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting
  • Drafting

We provide the services online, where the client can hire writers according to their writing requirements and avail their best writing services. There is no office so all the transactions are carried out online.


3. Explain the process of ordering the paper. What information is required for the paper approval before ordering?

For processing the order; get your requirements approved by the writers, fill out an online order form and pay for the order to finalise it. Our writers work on your paper and send you drafts for preview. You provide the remarks on the previewed draft. We work on your remarks and finalise the paper for the final delivery.

We need the assessment details including your topic, required number of pages, and the deadline to approve your paper.

4. Is it important to get the approval from the writer before placing the order? How can I get the approval from the writer or writing department?

Yes, in some cases it is, especially when technicalities such as calculations or software are involved. For getting the approval for the paper requirements, you can send your details either via email or through live chat.

5. I have placed the order and forgot to provide attachments or share details. What should I do?

If you have forgotten, simply email the attachments along with the order code in the subject line or share your details via discussion board or through email.

6. I want to add more pages in my order. What should I do?

You can simply hit the update order form button and fill up according to the new requirements. In cases, where you want to add additional pages feel free to consult with the writer first before placing order.


7. Do I have to pay upfront? Can I pay in instalment? If yes, what is the process of availing instalments facility?

Orders less than 200 GBP have to be paid up front. Orders higher than 200 GBP can be paid on instalments. We will determine the number of instalments and will issue an instalment code.

8. I want to place additional order for an already ordered paper, what is the process for paying for the extra order?

There are two possibilities; either you fill out the additional order form and checkout or we issue you a payment link to pay through that.

9. What are the payment methods at Exclusive Writer UK? Is your system secure and free from any threat?

The methods of payment are:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • E-check
  • Visa Card
  • Master Card

Our system is secure and does not attack your system.

10. I paid twice mistakenly, what should I do? I paid wrong amount, will the order still be processed?

Notify to our staff with your order code and proof of extra payment made mistakenly.If on account of any error caused due to a development error on the website causing to show the wrong price on the order form, the order will not be entertained and will be cancelled upon knowing about it.


11. I want to cancel the order, is it possible to receive the full amount? What is the order cancellation process at Exclusive Writer UK?

If you cancel your order within 24 to 48 hours, which had 8 to 30 days deadline, full amount will be refunded without deduction. For the order with a deadline of 24 hours, the cancellation has to be made within an hour. If the client fails to cancel on time as aforementioned and the paper is processed than the request will not be entertained. The cancellation is requested via email or live chat support.

12. Can Exclusive Writer UK cancel my order due to any reason? Why do you cancel an order? Will I be notified of the cancellation?

Yes, Writer Help UK possesses every lawful right to cancel the order without notifying the customer. The cancellation can be on account of paying wrong amount, placing wrong order, inability of the writer to do the paper and inability of the writer to do the paper within the given timeline.


13. Do you offer discount for new, regular customers and agents?

Yes, we offer seasonal discount for our first customers. For regular customers, we offer various discounts with different paper quality to cater the needs of our clients. Agents can also avail discounts. Visit our website frequently to find the about the thrilling discounts.


14. What is paper standard?

Paper standards have different levels of quality reflected in writing style, and maturity in putting thoughts in the content depending upon your requirement. So, through paper standard, we provide you opportunity to choose your writer according to his qualification and experience.


15. Do you have different prices for different paper? How do I know the price of my paper?

Every paper has unique price based on the discipline, complexity and number of pages. Price Calculator can help you calculate the price of your paper.


16. What is the qualification or experience of writer?

The writers are from a qualified educational background possessing Masters, M. Phil, PhD, and higher degree.

17. Can I choose and directly communicate with my writer?

Yes, feel free to choose your writer or acquire our assistance to choose a suitable writer. You can communicate with your writer after taking an appointment.


18. Will I receive the order on the deadline showing on the panel? What if the deadline is showing wrong in my account?

Yes. You will receive the order on the deadline despite the fact that panel shows the wrong deadline. Bear this in mind that your deadline will be counted from the day you paid for it.


19. Do you send a hard copy or a soft copy? How do you deliver the paper?

We send a soft copy in the requested format such as .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .xls. Exclusive Writer UK delivers order via email.


20. I received my order, but it is not according to my requirements, can I get a review? I forgot to add few more instructions, will I get a free review?

If your order is not in accordance with your requirements, you can ask for review as many times as you want until the satisfaction. The review will be charged if it requires adding more words.

21. I didn’t get my paper on the deadline, will I get a refund? I posted review request, but I didn’t get the review on time, will I get a full refund?

We ascertain that the paper is delivered on time. However, if not in any case, the client is informed and deadline difference amount is paid. It takes around 24 to 48 business hours to review and also depends upon the availability of the writer. You are updated as we receive your request.

22. I ordered for First Class paper, but I got 2:2 marks, will I get a full refund? I failed in the paper delivered by you, will I get a full refund?

There is absolutely no chance of getting a lower grade. In rare cases, you don’t get your desired grade. In this scenario, we refund you the paper standard difference amount. Upon evaluating and assessing the marker remarks, we determine the causes of the failure. Depending on the reasons, we decide to refund either fully or partially.


23. Do you give guarantees? What kind of guarantees do you offer?

Visit our Guarantees page to view details.

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