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Culture and Education

Recommended Strategy

The strategy in relation to teaching culture in the classroom can be lecture, native informants, audio-visual interviews, observational dialogues and other cross-culture reading material for understanding different cultures (Schmidt& Ma, 2006). Considering all available strategies, the recommended strategy is to use audio and visual interviews for students to observe the difference between cultures. Best writing help

Cultural Activity to Perform in Classroom

The cultural activity that can be performed in the classroom at K-12 college level is cross-cultural IQ test. Cross-cultural IQ tests can help students in gaining awareness about the professed aptitude and cleverness, which is culturally bound and culturally distinct (Multicultural, Cross-cultural& Intercultural Games& Activities, 2006). In order to perform this activity, first formulate short IQ test for the typical cultures of the world such as American culture and Australian culture. It can further be specified to make it interesting by narrowing the cultural aspects such as Black-Rap 1960’s culture in America and Aboriginal culture in Australia. Moreover, culture can be related with the psychology, where classroom based ideal cultural activity can be performed that is more liked by adults. To increase the interest of students, IQ test questions can be written while incorporating the humor essence.

Respond to one other person with Comments or Suggestions

Cross-cultural knowledge and understanding enables students to have hands-on learning experience. Cultural education allows students to have active approach in education along with having critical approach in analyzing the knowledge rather than behaving as passive information receiver. Therefore, educational institutions should consider the importance of having multicultural environment and need for incorporating the cultural education in college curriculum (Bigger& Brown, 1999).


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