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Compare-Contrast Dissertations

As remains the case, comparison-contrast dissertations are misinterpreted writing assignments. The intention of an educational institution is to enable the student to find key similarities and contrasts in subtexts and meaning therein. As a result, students failing to grasp the essence of the assignment submit a table of similarities and differences. Students busy with day-to-day routines of academic life can buy dissertation online UK for ease of comfort.

Thesis statement

The final step is developing the thesis statement. As is the case, avoid typical statements such as,‘Let’s compare A with B’. It’s highly unprofessional and vague for professional academicians. Pose a strong question in the headline, compelling readers to delve further.

Some instances of compare-contrast are given below:

  • Find the similarities between The Boy Lost and The Boy Found poems by William Blake
  • Compare the technological advance in WWI and WWII
  • Contrast Mary Shelley and Shakespeare poems

Frame of Reference

In case of a frame of reference, the context is necessary within which the two subjects are put side-by-side. The frame of reference can range from:

  • Problem
  • Theory
  • Theme
  • Idea
  • Question

Mostly, a frame of reference is set up keeping in mind the various sources and their approach.

Posing an Argument

In case of a comparative dissertation, an argument is furnished about two subjects in consideration. As a result, the entire paper consists of comparisons including analysis, conclusion and synthesis.

Noticing Differences and Similarities

Who? What? When? Where? How?

Each compare-contrast dissertation asks these questions regarding the subject to compare.

Historical Events

In case of a 2 historical events being compared at the same time, then generally asked questions are:

  • Who was involved?
  • Which year did it occur?
  • What triggered these events?
  • What was the after-effects of those events?

Theories/ Ideas

In this context, the generally asked questions are as follows:

  • How did they originate?
  • How concrete are they?
  • What’s their application?
  • Are they still valid?


In case of literature comparison, the general comparison points are as follows:

  • Who are their authors?
  • What are they about?
  • What is their context?
  • What’s the theme?

Venn diagram

The thought process of an author can be organized by using a Venn diagram. This diagram is a tried and tested method of drawing contrasts between subjects with overlapping circles indicating similarities.

Table Form

A table of Compare-Contrast can help differentiate between 2-3 subjects:



Brave New World



Winston Smith





Mass entertainment



International isolation







A-to-B Linkage

It’s imperative for linking A with B. a compare-contrast dissertations depends on how deeply the 2 subjects are correlated to each other. Moreover, it remains to be seen whether they corroborate, debate, contradict, and complicate each other. The thesis statement will declare the comparative elements upfront. As a rule of thumb, all arguments should be entwined with each other in a logical, sequential manner. For making the relevant connections to other elements, commonly used words include:

  • Similarly
  • Moreover
  • Likewise
  • Conversely
  • On the contrary
  • On the other hand
  • Another similarity
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