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A Comparison of Project Estimation Techniques and Methods in Dubai and UK

(a)        What has been researched about the topic?

This study aims to analyse the project estimation techniques and methods used by Dubai and the UK. Through this research, complete knowledge in regard to the efficacy and application of the project estimation techniques and methods would be gained. This further includes that the parameters that are introduced through this research, could be used for assessing the efficacy of any project estimation technique and method being used by any construction organizations around the globe rather than just Dubai or the UK. Other than the parameters, this study also includes research on the application and implementation of the project estimation techniques and methods which could be helpful for the organization in the Dubai.

b)       What controversies exist about the problem?

The problem that is being studied in this research is related to the project estimation techniques and methods that could be used by Dubai construction organization. In which the project estimation techniques and methods of the UK is analyzed for the sake of understanding if its adoption could help in improving the project estimation techniques and methods in Dubai (Sánchez-Ruiz 2001). However, many studies referred that the management of the construction organization is the real issue behind the estimation of the projects being wrongly undertaken not the project estimation methods themselves.  This as per the organizational theory refers to the idea that there is a need of highly educated professional for undertaking this process (Abednego& Ogunlana 2006).

The software package has its ground on the theories of S-curves for monitoring project management. The S-curve theory is a mathematical model that is used to estimate the resources required within the time domain. If the model is applied appropriately the S-curve facilitates with the accuracy, progress up to date only requiring certain tools such as baseline schedule (Garlick, 2007). However, adopting such models based software for the project estimation if integrated with certain other techniques the projects undertaken in Dubai might help in providing an accurate estimation of cost, efforts and time (Gann& Salter 2000). Get writing help


(c)        What flaws in the research methodology and design have hindered our understanding of the topic?

The limitation acquired by the research methodology of the present study is in relation to the confidentiality, as the questionnaires are distributed within the construction organizations and the chances are that results obtain have senior management’s influence on the answers. This can cause tampered answers instead of actual feelings and this can have an impact on the results. On account of the unequal population returns of male and female respondents, there was not equivalent gender representation (Green& Thorogood 2013).

In addition, the results can be applied to only the companies that have employees having complete knowledge about the project estimation techniques and methods used in their country. The limitation of this research also includes time, as questionnaire to be filled by the participants would be taking a lot of time. The hurdle faced by the researcher is completion of the research in less time (Bendassolli 2013)

(d)       What unanswered questions remain for further research?

After the completion of this research, the specific methods that should be followed by Dubai construction organizations to improve their project estimation techniques and methods are still undetermined (Assaf& Al-Hejji 2006). This means that further research should be conducted to understand and gain knowledge in regard to the project estimation techniques and methods project estimation techniques and methods used by the UK construction organization and then apply them according to their need (Tah& Carr 2001).

This further encloses the idea that the implementation of the new project estimation techniques and methods would also be involving  great struggle and would remain a challenge for the construction organizations. This again introduces completely new topic for research that is application and implementation of the new methods introduced (Jones 2004). This would take a strategic investigation of not only the processes and techniques used by the UK construction organizations, but also their past studies for making it certain that are compatible to the processes which are traditionally followed by Dubai and in accordance to the situati9on of construction in this region as well (Gann& Salter 2000).         


(e)        Examples of project in the UAE and UK that have failed due to poor Estimation

There are many project failures being observed in both the region due to several reasons behind. For instance, the two projects that failed permanently in the UK were firstly seen in London, using system, Taurus, belonging to the electronic trading platform which in between 1980– 1993 (Sánchez-Ruiz 2001). This project was held due to underestimation of the cost of the project and then held forever, or in other words stopped forever. The second project belonged to Wessex, stock market related, it was also stopped with the same reason of being estimated wrongly with regard to its cost (Keen 1993). High losses were faced because of these two projects in the UK. An example from UAE remains of Analogous Estimating, and Parametric Estimating tools, which were enabled to estimate the project cost and hence the project was, failed (Abednego& Ogunlana 2006).

Review posted and now it's pending for approval!Review posted and now it's pending for approval!

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