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Recent Academic Samples

Coursework: Adult Diverse Educational Environment

Write a coursework of 250 words on provided topic: Adult Diverse Educational Environment

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It offers you an opportunity to apply the relevant theories and concepts you study in this course with real leaders. see if you can confirm with your observation of what you perceived earlier.

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Differences between First Language Acquisition and Second Language Acquisition

Second Language acquisition: Second language acquisition has been shown to be different in some ways from first language acquisition. Which aspects of the second language acquisition process are different and how can we explain these differences?Please rewrite the article which I have already written and please elaborate on the following points:- delete footnotes and include in-text citations - please see Harvard referencing style- references need to follow the bibliography

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A Comparison of Project Estimation Techniques and Methods in Dubai and UK

To What Extend Can We Improve Project Estimation Techniques and Methods in Dubai (UAE) by Following United Kingdom’s MethodologiesPlease answer the below for the literature review chapter. No additional introduction is required.(a) What has been researched about the topic?(b) What controversies exist about the problem? (These controversies typically arise from competing interpretations of the data or competing theories used to explain them.)(c) What flaws in the research me

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‘PES Analysis of CEME’

Analyse PES(political, economic, social) of the company with the website ceme UK: Double Lines spacing

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Culture and Education

Recommend one strategy and briefly describe a cultural relevant activity you can do in the classroom that is applicable in either a K-12 or a college-level educational learning environment. Respond to one other person with your comments or suggestions

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‘Proposed Acquisition of CWW by Tata Communication’ Suggestions for Tata Group for Go or No-Go

In light of the proposed acquisition by Tata of Cable& Wireless Worldwide, put forward suggestions as to why the Tata Group might make such an acquisition and offer your opinion on the likely success of it.

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How has this piece of research helped you gain a better understanding of what it takes to lead well?

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As simple observation will not capture the complex leadership developed by effective leaders, interview the leader. Ask them to describe their leadership style, behaviors, traits and their use of power and influence tactics and see if you can confirm with your observation of what you perceived earlier.

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